Financial Agreements


Often, one of the parties will be in need of financial support, post-divorce. We use industry-standard child support and alimony calculators developed from the Pennsylvania statutes and guidelines to help you determine what amount a party is entitled to (child support) or what amount might help mitigate differences in earning capacities (alimony).

Child Support and Alimony may, or may not, be part of the financial settlement your divorce. Our pledge is to make sure that you have the information you need, including access to external financial resources, if need be.


If one of our parties has a beneficial interest in a business, there is a unique process that must be undertaken to place a value on that business in divorce.  Similarly, one or both parties may have pension plans that provide a stream of income in the future, but have no value today. Pensions require financial calculations to place a “present value” on that future income stream so that each party understands the value of a pension in divorce.

We use state-of-the-art-and-industry business and pension valuation software that is an extension of the wealth management services offered by Paul Murray. As a neutral mediator, he will ensure that each party have a value for every asset, even those that are typically not valued by mediators in divorce. It’s all part of our value proposition.


Dividing assets in divorce can be daunting and complex. Our founder, Paul Murray, is a financial expert with 17 years experience helping people make smart financial decisions. Of that experience, 12 years has been focused nearly exclusively on the financial matters of divorce. This unique experience is one of our biggest differentiators. Other mediators may simply lack the expertise or financial sophistication to address all of your needs.

Everyone seeks a fair division of marital assets, but that is in the eye of the beholder. Our mediations help demystify the financial impacts of divorce to help the parties make sound decisions. We will employ software services to help arrive at fair and equitable settlements and will provide a financial inventory for your divorce filing. No matter how complex your finances, we can provide information and expertise to simplify the considerations.


How to file your taxes, and the unique tax considerations in your situation can and will be explored in mediation. We strongly support the concept of divorce financial planning, as well, to help you understand where you will stand before you settle.  

We have an extensive network of experienced professional resources to which we can refer you if you need personalized, or on-on-one financial advice or planning services.

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