Mediation is the best and most affordable way to divorce

The average cost of a contested divorce is between $15,000 and $30,000 – Forbes Magazine
Our mediation costs range between $1,800 and $4,500


Divorce Mediation is a process very different from conflict-oriented litigation. in mediation, husband and wife meet with an experienced divorce professional who maintains neutrality and who will help them address each issue in depth. Parenting and financial issues can be addressed towards the goal of creating a lasting binding agreement that the parties’ create, rather than one imposed by the court. Our divorce mediations end within 1-2 months, and typically cost $900 – $3000, as opposed to 2-3 years for conflict-oriented litigation in the courts at typical costs greater than $10,000.

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A Collaborative Process

Divorce Mediation is focused on reaching agreements with clients only, or working together with them and their attorneys.

Parenting Agreements

Divorce Mediation resolves parenting issues without dragging the family through court-ordered custody evaluations.

Financial Agreements

Work with an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® to reach realistic and fair financial agreements and address Child Support, Alimony, Division of Assets, Tax Issues, and other considerations.

Did you know that under the new 2018 tax law the payor of alimony no longer receives a tax deduction for the amount paid, and the ex-spouse no longer must include it as part of their taxable income?


Your Terms Mediation maintains relationships with attorneys, realtors, accountants, and mental health professionals throughout the greater Southeastern Pennsylvania region. In addition, we offer specialized services in-house through our affiliated wealth management firm, PTM Wealth Management, LLC.

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Did you know that Pennsylvania requires a 90-day “cooling off” period from the date of filing before a mutual consent divorce can proceed?

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