Divorce Mediation


Mediation is a process designed to bring two divorcing individuals together to discuss their issues with a mediator who will help them address each one in depth.

We know you’ve heard the horror stories about court-focused divorce proceedings. Mediation avoids the courts and keeps things from getting messy. In this process, the parties can talk about who gets the house, or the 401(k), and who may be the primary caretaker for the kids. Any topic can be addressed towards the goal of creating a lasting binding agreement that the parties’ chose, rather than one imposed by the court. Our mediators are sophisticated and experienced, and there is nothing they are unprepared to address.

In essence, this is divorce on your terms. You may want to mediate just your financial issues, or just parenting issues, or both. Some divorces are settled in a matter of two or three mediation sessions, and others are resolved in months. But even speaking in terms of months instead of years can mean saving money by keeping your focus. Rather than going through long, multi-month periods of no action, divorce mediation can maintain a weekly or more frequent schedule to keep everyone on track.

Our Process

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When we ask the question “How can we help you?” we place no limits on the scope of your mediation.  Divorce has two fundamental elements: parenting and division of assets. The process begins with a statement from each party, and where we go from there is dictated by their needs and their goals. We do not have a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all process.

We respect that each divorce is unique, and that you may want to explore both the parenting and division of assets processes. We have no minimum engagements, and do not ask for a retainer.  However many sessions it takes to arrive at an agreement is up to you. Our pledge is that we will apply neutrality and fairness every step of the way to ensure that you arrive at an agreement that you can live with, far into the future.